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Suppose you develop an appetite for arts and an urge to step out this fall—where do you go? Though Racine and Kenosha tend to get written off as stops en route to Chicago, a look at their fall arts season forces a reassessment of their stat... Read more

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People fill their personal worlds with objects — adornments, furnishings, garments, images and tools. Which objects will be passed along and valued in the future? Read more

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I heard a few comments from local artists who entered “Forward 2012: A Survey of Wisconsin Art Now” (through June 3). The biennial juried exhibition at the Charles Allis Art Museum was juried via JPEGs, which is OK, but this year the art... Read more

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What\'s polymer? Remember what used to be called \'polymer clay?\' When the medium first arrived on the craft scene in the \'70\'s?  Quite the rage on the art and craft circuit, anyone could buy the ubiquitous “bubble gum\'\' bead necklaces.. Read more

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On March 1, the Racine Art Museum welcomed Lena Vigna to their staff as Curator of Exhibitions. While Vigna's heart remains in the Midwest because she was born in Illinois, her childhood was spent in Florida, unaccustomed to the accessibilit.. Read more

Visual Arts

The story behind David De Silva and Alan Parker’s 1980 film Fame, about high school kids hoping for a big break on stage, proved so popular that it’s been adapted into a long-running TV series, then a stage musical, then a flash-in-the-,Tod... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

As part of a program billed as “Breaking Through to Joy,” the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, with four vocal soloists, will perform Beethoven's Ninth, one of the composers most beloved,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee