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Bi+ Pride Milwaukee’s strategy is to provide an umbrella for those who identify as bi, pan, queer, non-monosexual, or, frankly, anyone—labeled or otherwise. more

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LGBTQ motorcycle groups have long existed and have been instrumental in bringing about positive changes in the perception of LGBTQs among their straight peers. more


“This is an ordinance about protecting young people in our community,” said Ald. Cavalier Johnson, who introduced the measure. “This is hurting vulnerable minors.” more

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Paul Masterson’s LGBTQ year in review, including triumphs such as the election of eight openly trans politicians nationally, and tragedies including the hate crime murders of children Giovanni Melton and Gabriel Fernandez. more


With the holiday season now in full swing, we should find solace in those aspects of our lives that bring us together. One in particular is our diversity. But, ironically, in these divisive political times, even that can be a source of cont... more


Dear Ruthie gives advice to the aunt of a young girl struggling with sexual orientation and coming out issues. She also offers a list of LGBT-themed events around Milwaukee taking place Nov. 24-27. more

Dear Ruthie

Paul Masterson discusses the recent U.S. presidential election’s outcome with an emphasis on its ramifications for the LGBT community. more

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There’s not a lot of information about the overall state of health amongst the LGBT community in the U.S. On Tuesday, Oct. 11, which is National Coming Out Day, perhaps it’s time to come out as if your health depended on it, because ultimat... more


Pete Minns discusses this year’s Wisconsin AIDS Ride. more


The Shepherd Express’ LGBT Progress Awards recognize Donna Burkett, Carl Bogner, Tina Owen, Scott Gunkel, Michael Lisowski, Ed Seaberg and Doug Nelson for their work in the LGBT community. more

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Paul Masterson comments on the confluence of holidays in the coming days, shares personal memories, and explores the shifting levels of inclusion and acceptance members of the LGBT community experience during this season. more

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