Award-winning author Bonnie Nadzam’s second novel, the mesmerizing and somber Lions, is a memorable story of small-town life on the edge of collapse and the citizens who are equally tormented by the extraordinary costs and obligations of re... Read more


According to the New York Times, says that on average, their are eight Achilles tendon injuries during an NFL season.There have been 10 Achilles injuries already in the first week of the NFL preseason.The Lions have lost first-round draft pick M.. Read more

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An electronic duo formed in London, VNV Nation divides its time between pop-influenced dance and trance songs marked by serene synthesizers and harsher, more industrial songs that are nonetheless suited for the dance floor. Their 2007 Judgm... Read more

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Itis our nostalgic claim to Irishness that finds us in a smoky corner baron St. Patrick’s Day, teetering, green beer in hand, before an aluminumserving tray piled high with lukew,Eat/Drink Read more

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Six years too late, but Matt Millen has been removed as team president and CEO of the Detroit Lions.Someone missing the 31-84 record the Lions have amassed during this reign of terror, Millen's wife apparently told her husband that he's now out of.. Read more

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In his latest book, The Quest for Absolute Security, Milwaukee FBI historian Athan Theoha The Quest for Absolute Security ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

In the closing second of the Detroit Lions/Chicago Bears game yesterday, Calvin Johnson caught what was thought to be a game-winning touchdown pass. Instead, the play was reviewed and because he didn’t have the ball when he stood up, it was ruled .. Read more

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