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Prolific screen actor Michael York visits Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center on Tuesday, Dec. 9 to raise awareness for amyloidosis, a rare disease that can cause heart and kidney failure; he is joined by hematologist... Read more

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Alex Ross Perry’s Listen Up Philip is an unsentimental black comedy-character study about artistic types whose interactions bring them insights into themselves, featuring Jason Schwartzman and Elisabeth Moss. Read more

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Michael York earned cult status from his lead role in Logan’s Run, but the Shakespearean trained actor was already on the A List for Cabaret and other productions before Logan's release. An Oscar-winning 1976 science-fiction film, Logan’s Run was .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

A screenplay for Milwaukee expat Paul McComas\' novel, Planet of the Dates, is circulating in Hollywood and he is collaborating with Logan\'s Run author William F. Nolan on a sequel, Logan\'s Journey, to be published in two years on the coattail.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

"No Budget Theatre" has been a cult favorite among Chicago cable viewers and the DVD collection allows the rest of us to see why. Framed in a cleverly campy, light-hearted context by the show's host-creator, Paul McComas, "No Budget Theatre" is.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

An inventive singer-songwriter named Peter Case wrote a great line: “We were too young not to know better.”That came to mind recently as many of the supposedly responsible grown-ups at Marquette University were making fools of themselves wh... Read more

Taking Liberties

Part of a spate of Scottish indie-pop bands that emerged in the late-’80s, Trashcan Sinatras released a string of blissful, clean-cut guitar-pop records at a time when radio favored modern-rock with a grittier edge. It’s unsurprising that c... Read more

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