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Are you a performer, a model, or a voice-over artist?Then Saturday could be your lucky day!  Ohlsson Model & Talent, one of the Midwest's premier model and talent agencies, is hosting an open call for all talent this coming Saturday, from 10:00AM-.. Read more

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It’sstrange to think that there was a time in American theater that actuallypredated The Glass Menagerie. Logic says that it was originallystaged in 1945, but it’s been recognized as such a towering classic of Americantheatre that it’s kind of.. Read more


Comedy about love, marriage and all those things that go along with it has been around for a long time. Good comedy about love, marriage and all those things that go along with it has also been around for a long time. Good comedy written by marr.. Read more


While a pair of reasonably lost Tennessee Williams shorts from the early 20th century make their world premiere at the Carte Blanche Studio Theatre the first weekend in September, there are a few other stages  that also have a sampling of some re.. Read more


Valentine's Day falls on a Monday. It's kind of difficult to be romantic on a day when everyone is recovering from the weekend. It's likely that most observations of the holiday will occur on Sunday the 13th . One of the classier events on the 1.. Read more


Milwaukee is a great theater town. Below is a guide to a dozen theater companies that offer four or more productions a year. Some shows will be serious, others whimsical, but all are worth consideration. Read more

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"I think all actors should study silent films," says Alice Wilson, founder of The M.U.T.E.S, "They are a wellspring of useful information about our craft. So many ways to communicate without saying a word!"Wilson's fascination with m Read more


 “Iwant the audience to feel as if they've stepped into a time machine, For more information, check the M.U.T.E.S. myspace page, ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

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With four shows spanning a fair portion of the day, Saturday was one of the longest days i two ,Theater Read more


I have a theory that, as people live longer, the same type of societal forces that cause inter-cultural art to appeal to people of many different ethnicities and subcultures will cause certain kinds of art to appeal to people of many different gen.. Read more


Purveying the catchiest kind of contemporary Latin jazz, De La Buena has developed a large local following made up of both established fans of traditional Latin rhythms and newcomers alike. The group is one of Milwaukee’s most in-demand, pl... Read more

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The '80s are far enough away for nostalgia to set in. For Milwaukeeans involved in the '80 Cherry Cake performs at the Cactus Club, April 24, with Knit Delicate and The Pugilists. ,Local Music Read more

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During a recent interview regarding Hollywood Foto-Rhetoric (Simon & Schuster), a book Hollywood Foto-Rhetoric ,Books Read more

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 Last week before a show at the Alchemist, I ran into Alice Wilsonsomeone I knew in college who has found interesting theatrical work with local theatre group The M.U.T.E.S.The silent film-style live comedy group has found itself traveling quit.. Read more