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Pictured Above: The building that nearly became Milwaukee ’s riverfront prison.Milwaukee ’s riverfronts are in the midst of abuilding boom as condominium and apartment buildings continue to spring up innearly every available lot near the water.. Read more

Milwaukee History

A Milwaukee Journal illustration of just one of the many dramatic scenes of the Great PawnShop Heist of 1926.April 1, 1926began as an entirely typical day in Milwaukee.Spring would come late that year, and slushy snow still trimmed the downtow.. Read more

Milwaukee History

(Since this ended upbeing a rather long post, I’ve decided to break it into two parts. The firstwill cover the creation of the current flag, and next week’s post will talkabout the efforts to replace it.) PART ONEMilwaukee ’sofficial cit.. Read more

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A benefit to renovate the Eagle’s Nest all-ages arts space, Riverwest Fest is a two-day neighborhood music festival hosted at venues around Center and Clarke streets, both all-ages (at the Eagle’s Nest, the Cream City Collectives and Club Read more

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