Majic 102.5

Singer-songwriter Margaret Stutt has kept close ties to Milwaukee since she left the city for New York in 2010, but a lot has changed since then, including her stage name, haircut and, to hear her tell it, her general outlook on music and life its.. more

On Music

This is welcome news: Milwaukee now has a third urban FM radio station. Emphasizing R&B but still playing a good deal of rap, the new Majic 102.5 seems to be positioning itself between Milwaukee's youth urban station, V100.7, and its adult urban s.. more

On Music

The Rolling Stones were named after a song by bluesman Muddy Waters, who also inspired the Yardbirds. It's well known that blues music formed one of the main roots of rock 'n' roll, but the connection has rarely been covered in contemporary... more

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