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The Milwaukee Brewers are on the rise, exceeding 2017 pre-season expectations. more

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1974 was a rough year for HankAaron. He opened the season needing just two home runs to break Babe Ruth’sall-time record – at that time, the most sacred record in all of organizedsports. The stress of media attention had worked.. more

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The start of baseball season with every team tied for first place used to be the time when Milwaukee Brewers fans could put everything out of their minds other than their more

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Ridiculous as it sounds, there are places on our planet where ESPN, Major League Baseball and the NFL don't reign. These primitive lands somehow get through the day without the constant blare of "SportsCenter" or... more

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Sure, it wasn't great that the Brewers lost their opening series to the team that ended their 2011 season... more

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I'm not dumb enough to pretend this is going to go away,” Ryan Braun said after winning his appeal of a positive drug test and avoiding a 50-game suspension. Indeed, Dino Laurenzi Jr., who collected Braun's urine sample, was just as forc... more

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The Ryan Braun case raises plenty of questions about the rules of baseball, all right, just not the one sportswriters... more

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On the baseball field the meaning is obvious. Now that Ryan Braun has won his appeal of a positive drug-test finding and avoided a 50-game suspension, the Brewers are absolute favorites to repeat as National League Central champions... more

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Even during a winter that's been far from bitter, the words sound so sweet: “Pitchers and catchers report...” When the Brewers start gathering in Arizona this weekend, they'll have plenty of reasons to be confident: the experience.. more

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Predictingthe results of Major League Baseball se No,baseball seasons turn on thousands of variables involving skill,determination, strate ,Cover Story more

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