Marcia Gay Harden

Grandma assumes the form of that most ancient of stories—the odyssey—when Elle (Lily Tomlin) sets forth with teenage granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) to find enough money to pay for the latter’s abortion. The film surveys several alternati... Read more

Film Reviews

It was inevitable that the Amanda Knox story would be dramatized on cable. Lifetime's movie Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial on Italy (out on DVD) is prosaically titled and strains at times to yank those heart strings. And yet, it offers a remarkabl.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Few post-grunge bands have been more committed to Nirvana’s legacy than Puddle of Mudd, and few bands have so brazenly misunderstood that legacy. Drawing from the numbskull sentiments of Fred Durst more than the satirical screeds of Kurt Co... Read more

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