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Splinter Group Theatre stages a dark romantic drama of psychosis and vulnerability with an intimate production of Tracy Letts’ Bug. Read more



Splinter Group Theatre stages an endearingly uncomfortable love story this month. Tracy Letts’ Bug finds Niffer Clarke in the role of Agnes: a woman living in a run-down motel room outside of Okla,Theater Read more



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Splinter Group presents the world premiere of Tony DiMurro’s 3 for the Road—a program of three shorts that render a wistful, dramatic longing anchored in the center by a highly provocative dialogue. Read more


For much of the recent past, Soulstice Theatre has been floating around various stages (both improvised and otherwise) at the Marian Center for the Nonprofits. The spaces have worked to varying degrees of success. The dramas they had staged... Read more


Local puppet group Angry Young Men, Ltd. had the rather ingenious idea of making a Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show a few years back. Every now and then when the opportunity arises, the group returns to a stage somewhere to perform the sho.. Read more


Since I started reviewing theatre, it’s become a personal goal to see productions of each of the complete plays of William Shakespeare. In the past five years alone, I’ve managed to mark quite a few different plays off the checklist. Oddly enough,.. Read more


The Rocky Horror Picture Show isn’t the only cult comedy to get the live, midnight r The Rocky Horror Picture Show ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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