Marissa Clayton

Live theater can be perfectly happy to tell a nice, little story with a beginning, middle and end. Every now and then, it decides to do something else. Every now and then, theater gets really, really direct. Theatre Gigante’s The Way Things Go is .. Read more



Photo By Sydonia Lucchesi

Cooperative Performance Milwaukee, in collaboration with Danceworks, took a hauntingly dreamy approach in turning Danceworks’ Studio A into a mid-1800s mental hospital for Kelly Coffey’s a woman’s Place. The show includes aerial work and ru... Read more



Photo by Neal Easterling

Cooperative Performance Milwaukee’s iTopia draws effectively from Gertrude Stein’s iteration of the Faustian myth, Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights. Employing excerpts from the text, choreography and dramatic scenes, it brings Stein’s 1938 ... Read more



Photo Credit: Maria Pretzl and Nathaniel Schardin

Amiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones’ Dutchman is a fiercely clever one-hour drama from 1964. The World’s Stage Theatre brings a staging of the play to the Arcade Theatre in the Underground Collaborative this month. It remains provocative 50 years after its d.. Read more


Directed by Matt Kemple, Pink Banana Theatre’s Any Given Monday is an intimate little dark comedy staged in their basement black box. The stage is set up like a cozy den. The place is draped in Philadelphia Eagles iconography. After a brief... Read more


If Die Walküre weren't the centerpiece of Wagner's great four-part cycle, “The Ring of the Nibelung,” it would still hold its own. One of the world's great operas, Die Walküre is unsurpassed for the lyrical tenderness imbedde Read more

A&E Feature

In its fifth year, the Miltown Beat Down beat-making battle moved to a bigger venue and placed more emphasis on between-battle entertainment, so it’s fitting that the event has roped in some big names to supplement tonight’s final Read more

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