Meg Boren

<em>The Big Year </em>packs together three of the funniest Hollywood stars in a mildly mirthful spoof of “competitive birding”a strange contest between avid birdwatchers for spotting the greatest number of the winged creatures in a one-year period.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Boren permanently moved to Nicaragua in 2002 but periodically returns to Wisconsin to spre Shepherd Express ,Books Read more


When I got home and checked out the address 2653 North Downer Avenue, I found out it was more or less where I’d pictured it. I’d lived just a few blocks from the area a couple of years back. I remember the bank. I remember the grocery store. I re.. Read more


Grafton nurse Meg Boren sacrificed all the comforts of home in 2002 to build a health care clinic in a remote area of Nicaragua. With the help of donors and a steady stream of volunteers from Wisconsin, the,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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