Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchest

Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, perhaps the most successful orchestra of its kind in the U.S., serves 1,000 elementary through high school students from 215 schools, 60 communities and 14 counties in southeastern Wisconsin and northern ... Read more

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Despite economic uncertainty, turbulent markets and stagnant wages, the United Performing Arts Fund has defied expectations. UPAF’s 2016 campaign launch begins Tuesday, March 1 with an inaugural reception at the Pfister Hotel’s Grand Ballro... Read more

Visual Arts

The Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra’s (MYSO) Community Partnership Programs was recognized by Michelle Obama for the engagement of 1,000 students a year in programming that empowers young people from diverse backgrounds to joyfully pursu... Read more


First Stage Children’s Theater’s John Maclay weighs in on the key to a successful children’s production. Read more

Off the Cuff

Many classical musicians work for years at their craft in relative obscurity by People magazine standards, building their résumés, earning respect for their musicianship and inching toward stardom in their field. For Frank Almond, concertma... Read more

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Music, Milwaukee's premier new music ensemble, begins its 31st season with “Change,” a concert showing the progression of contemporary music and highlighting the next generation of... Read more

Classical Music

In the midst of installing his first large art installation, Bill McKee stands at the top of a ladder in the Guenzel Gallery at Peninsula School of Art in Door County. Fish Creek to be exact. The self taught artist and Vietnam War veteran .. Read more

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The Beastie Boys are utilizing their talent to encourage others to be politically active. The boys will be touring to swing states to get votes to the ballot polls in November. ,Promotions Read more