<p> Gordon Parks, who directed <em>Shaft</em> and <em>The Learning Tree</em>, took up many weapons in his life-long struggle against racism. The most powerful items in his armory were never bullets or bombs but his pen and camera. As Elizabeth Sc.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

­Detractors may write off moe. as just one more jam band in a world rife with them, but even the most passionate hippie-hater has to give it up for the sheer size of the group's output and fan base. Formed in the late 1980s in Buffalo, New ... Read more

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Xiu Xiu - "Women as Lovers" Xiu Xiu's demented post-punk/synth-pop overtures should feel like a tired shtick by this point, but the group keeps finding new ways to keep their tortured sound fresh. This time out, Jamie Stewart has peppe.. Read more

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After nearly two decades together, moe. still treads closely to the heavily improvised, tr Into Great Silence ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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It's warm outside (comparatively), so you'd better enjoy it while it lasts. Take advantage Shepherd Express ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Dear EarthTalk:My New Year's resolution is to reduce my "carbon footprint" to helpfig —Carrie ,News Features Read more

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