Neighborhood House Of Milwaukee

Upcoming events that peacefully push back against discriminatory, reactionary or authoritarian actions this week include: the crime and violence input group “A Mother’s Voice, “ meeting Feb. 10; Joe Biden’s “American Promise Tour” in Milwaukee ... more

Saving Our Democracy

 Filmmaker PaulMcComas is more than just a man with a camera—you might call him a renaissanceperson for his resume as a musician and novelist as well as his work as alow-budget director and film lecturer at Northwestern and .. more

I Hate Hollywood 1 Comments

If you are part of the 99%, then you know exactly why you should participate in the global day of protest on Oct. 15. You're sick of escalating income inequality, huge spikes in corporate CEO pay, and the gutting of the social contract... more

Issue of the Week 11 Comments

Rappers and indie rockers seem destined to collaborate. Lately, hip-hop artists have enlisted the help of commercial rock acts—The Roots and Fall Out Boy, for example—and in some cases churned out their own irascible rock (ahem, Lil Wayne),... more

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