Do you deal with pain in your neck, back, shoulders orknees? If so we know of a place that is looking to help you out. Madison Pain Management is an independent medical clinic dedicated to the nonsurgical treatment ofspinal and musculoskeletal p.. Read more

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Artist, friend, sibling, lover, boss—when your identity is tied up in your current circumstances, can you ever fully define yourself?Can you integrate all aspects of your identity into one self at all times, or are you only certain self.. Read more

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Can you have a straight barbell go through the top and the bottom of the tip of the penis? If you can, is it safe, and does it increase sexual pleasure for both partners or just the girl’s pleasure? Read more

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The opening of the “Watercolor Wisconsin 2012” exhibition was a watery affair in more ways than one. Outside the grand old house, known in Racine as the Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, water poured from grey skies. Read more

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While the gender of the person asking the second question is not clear, I'm going to answer these as if they are both about female-bodied people, since this type of concern is most often about pain during vaginal penetration... Read more

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The penultimate concert in the 2010 season of Bay View’s outdoor Chill on the Hill concert series pairs two excellent Milwaukee bands that deconstruct Americana and rebuild it in their own image. Last year Decibully released Read more

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Even in the midst of a disappointing, inconsistent season, Milwaukee Brewers fans could take pride in the selection of three legitimate All-Stars—Ryan Braun, Corey Hart and Yovani Gallardo—to the 2010 All-Star Game.Long-suffering Brewers fa... Read more

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Add “weak dollar” to the list of factors that driveup the cost of gasoline for Americans. War, political u,The New Economy Read more

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