Paul Bucher

This may seem like a naïve question coming from someone who lived through Watergate, but when did... Read more

Taking Liberties 9 Comments

At first I thought <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">former Republican DA Paul Bucher wrote his nonsensical letter</a> just to collect a paycheck from the Republican Party of Wisconsin, or perhaps from.. Read more

Happening Now

With the start of a new school year, a new crop of UWM students will discover a tradition that dates back to the beginning of the decade: gathering on Tuesday nights at the Jazz Estate, where an improvisational ensemble called The Erotic Ad... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

OK, I’ll go there. I’ve been as entertained as everyone else by the revelations that MPD Chief Ed Flynn and right-wing pundit/journalism and ethics instructor/“journalist” Jessica McBride Bucher got too close around the time sh.. Read more

Happening Now

  Few stars hearkening back to Hollywood's Golden Age elicit the unequivocal reverenc The Little Foxes ,A&E Feature Read more

A&E Feature 4 Comments