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Captain America: Civil War can be read as a rumination on the classic ethical question of what to do with evildoers. Can you carefully calibrate your response in thwarting them or do you risk becoming as they are, careless of the cost in de... more

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Based on the Marvel comic book series, Ant-Man is a smart, funny superhero movie. more

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Ant-Man features Paul Rudd as another Marvel character destined to become an Avenger. Mark Ruffalo gives an endearing performance as Cam in Infinitely Polar Bear. more

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Last week, there was a well-written show by a local playwright that opened in the basement of the Brumder Mansion. This week there’s a well-written show by a local playwright that opens with the Alchemist Theatre. If all theatre in Milwaukee was.. more

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 Why did stardom elude Graham Parker, one of themost remarkable talents to emerge from Britain at the tail end of the ‘70s?Michael Gramaglia’s compelling documentary, Don’tAsk Me Questions: The Unsung Life of Graham Parker a.. more

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Loosely based on actual events, this retelling of the Abscam sting of the 1970s is narrated by con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and his girlfriend Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams). She overlooks Irving’s marriage to unstable Rosalyn (Jen... more

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This adaptation of Jean Hanff Korelitz's novel seeks to spice up Princeton's application process with a moral dilemma. Tina Fey portrays Portia Nathan, a 38-year-old admissions officer gunning for promotion. Portia visits more

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In Billy Wilder’s classic film The Apartment, Jack Lemmon played a junior executive whose advancement was keyed to loaning out his rooms to an ice-hearted boss for nocturnal sexual adventures. In Dinner for Schmucks, Paul Rudd plays a junio... more

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Since 2001, political books penned by American liberals have flourished, but most have been critiques of the Bush-Cheney administration, the attacks on 9/11 and the Iraq War, interrupted briefly by the 2004 Kerry campaign. The 2008 presiden... more