Paulo'S Pizza

The comedy is a half a century old. It’s one of the single most successful comic premises to come out of the 20th century with a movie, a few TV series and countless productions to its credit. (The most recent incarnation is a CBS TV series .. Read more


“Inspired by real events,” <em>The Whistleblower</em> visits Bosnia in the rubble-strewn aftermath of the Yugoslav civil war and finds power, corruption and liesnot just among the bribe-taking, uncaring local authorities but also the U.N. official.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

This haunted location is underneath Paulo's Pizza. There have beenreports of zombie activity and the creation of a powerful hideousmonster. Investigations were cut short last year when the government ordered a quarantine of the secret insta... Read more

Happening Now

Monday, Dec. 1,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

I'll be on Ryan Miller's "Indie Soundcheck" program this Sunday night at 11 to discuss my favorite indie-rock albums of 2009 and to play some of my favorite indie-rock singles of the year. We've got some amazing songs lined up, some of which will .. Read more

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