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Citizen Action of Wisconsin and the national People’s Action Institute to urge the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to adopt new, national rules reining in payday lenders. Read more

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Arguing that the Republican-authored state budget was so bad it could not be fixed and that the Republican majority would not allow any of their amendments to get a Read more

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Paul Simon\'s 1980 film, One-Trick Pony, was not autobiographical, strictly speaking, but probably mirrored his career anxiety as the \'70s segued into the \'80s. It came five years after the hit-making album Still Crazy After All These Years an.. Read more

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Cher was never so charismatic on screen as in Moonstruck. Director Norman Jewison's 1987 comedy (out on Blu-ray) had a little touch of golden age Hollywood in its story of star-crossed (moon-crossed?) romance in the heart of New York's Italian com.. Read more

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The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has totaled up lobbyist activity on the various payday loan bills pending in the state Legislature. The various lobbyists spent a whopping $669,000 on trying to derail reform. And that was just in 2009. .. Read more

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Internet payday lender Arrowhead Investments Inc. lost a class-action suit brought by almost 1,300 people in Wisconsin who say the lender didn’t comply with the Wisconsin Consumer Act and the federal Truth in Lending Act. The UW Law School’s Consu.. Read more

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%uFFFD They were kicked out of North Carolina,are constitutionally banned in Arkansas Shepherd ,None Read more

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To the Editor: In response to Lisa Kaiser’s article – “Predatory Lenders Beware,” I wanted to provide an alternative view. Specifically, I’d like to address the perspective of Metro Milwaukee consumers living paycheck to paycheck and how a rece.. Read more

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Legislation would limit interest charged by payday and auto title lenders Patr Comment on this article at ,News Features Read more

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The Milwaukee Bucks take on the Detroit Pistons tonight at a 7:30 p.m. Bradley Center game.,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Though some rudimentary sketches for a Tenth Symphony were eventually found among his belo An die Freude ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

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Thosewith less than excellent credit face higher interest rates, shorterterms and larger down payments, a credit calculus made possible byFICO. ,The New Economy Read more

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It's that time of year again. The clamor of the summer festivals has subsided and the c Media Sponsor: ,Books Read more

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