Performance Art

Bel Canto Chorus performs two works by contemporary composers—one of these, Carson Cooman’s Revelations of Divine Love, hereby receiving its Midwest premiere. This 18-movement piece for soprano,Classical Music and Dance Read more

Classical Music


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Off the Cuff interviews Angel Alvarez, a Milwaukeean who regularly dons Spider-Man, Superman and other eye-catching costumes to advertise for stores, entertain at parties and simply generate positivity on the street. Read more

Off the Cuff

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If Sally sold sea shells by the sea shore, that would prove she had bad business sense, because sea shells are readily available for free at the sea shore.Nevertheless, Sally would be fodder for the 15th Annual Tongue Twister Contest, coming up at.. Read more

Happening Now


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Washington Park Stories is a collaborative exhibit created by MIAD sculpture students and UWM dance and architecture students working with local artists to capture the memories, dreams and beauty of the deteriorating neighborhood. It is available .. Read more

Happening Now

Fluxus won’t sit still and behave itself. Consequently, it is difficult to define what exactly Fluxus was, is, and will be. But, true to the term, it’s an art movement that keeps moving. The like-minded international community of subversive... Read more

Visual Arts

It’s entirely plausible that you could make it this far in life without consciously hearing German industrial outfit KMFDM, but if you’ve frequented rock concerts at any point in the last 25 ye,Concert Reviews Read more

Concert Reviews

Ola Belle Reed learned the banjo and songs of Appalachia as a child in the 1920s; by the 1940s she played in string bands; and in the ’50s she became an object of interest to folklorists. Rising Sun Melodies collects some of the recordings ... Read more

Album Reviews

In Backseat Saints, novelist Joshilyn Jackson powerfully spotlights a nondescript minor character from her best-selling debut, Gods in Alabama. The tale’s unfortunate protagonist, Rose Mae Lolley, has spent her entire life in the company of... Read more