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Courtesy of the Pfister Hotel

2015 Pfister Hotel Artist in Residence Todd Mrozinski discusses his plans for the coming year. His proposal, “Light From the Pfister,” will include eight shadow portraits and tracings inspired by the light coming through the hotel’s larg... Read more

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Photo Credit: Sydonia Lucchesi

Devoid of pixie dust and cloaked in shadow, Cooperative Performance Milwaukee’s newest production, Nightmares and Lullabies: The Darker Side of Peter Pan, is a look into the tortured mind of author J.M. Barrie. Read more


In the beginning, it was all greasy riffage, lean beats and an unerring, angst-ridden crunch. Everything The Black Keys did reeked of sweaty adolescents getting off to Zeppelin in between frozen pizza rolls and Pabsts in a basement in Akron... Read more

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What does an artist's assistant actually do? The Renaissance and Modern Art Masters employed assistants, using workshops to help them complete their paintings and sculpture. Reginald Baylor, a well-known Milwaukee artist, would ask himself.. Read more

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