Phil Anderson

PhilAnderson's “Blues After Dark” wasthe one local show to survive for a while as the local 1290 AM frequencyswitched from African-American talk and grown folks music (blues, gospel,smooth jazz, r&b oldies) music WMCS to its current WZTI Ma.. more

Around MKE

WNOV-AM’s Saturday morning Blues Café program may be the only dose of modern Southern soul, naturally combined with its antecedent of R&B-leaning blues, to be more

Local Music

Excel at what you do for long enough in the public eye, and you become a legend. Be generous enough with your accessibility, and those who admire you can also call you a friend. So appears to be the case for Otis Clay... more

Concert Reviews

The Middle East is a vast region containing many cultural traditions and much music, ancient as well as postmodern. Present Music surveys a wide slice of the Fertile Crescent in a concert showcasing a performance of new music by Iraqi more

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