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This weekend local burlesque group Dainty Rogues present Doctor Who: Or How I Learned To Stop Time and Love the Dalek. It's a stylishly sensual and occasionally sexy dance theatre inspired by the long-running BBC sci-fi show. The decades-old story.. Read more


Art Carnival--Milwaukee’s burlesque & variety show allows artists to draw and photograph performers in costume prior to the performance. It’s a clever little conjunction between the visual and performing arts that has been gaining momentum.Every .. Read more


After the Park East Freeway was razed to free up property for development, the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County came into possession of separate parcels of land on the site.However, only the land owned by the city has been sold. Altho... Read more

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Now with 100% less Jeff Suppan, the Milwaukee Brewers continue their home stand against the Chicago Cubs tonight with a 7:10 p.m. game. Read more

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