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Milwaukee Entertainment Group stages a fun and engaging production of the three-person drama Art. Read more


Ruthie answers a question from a reader whose friend has less time for him since getting hitched and having a baby. Exciting events include a Pink Hat Party at This Is It, April 27; It’s Only a Play at Off the Wall Theatre, April 28-May 8; ... Read more


Way back in 1978, playwright Terrance McNally wrote a comedy about a group of actors and others hanging out with a playwright and producer as they await opening night reviews of a new Broadway show. He could not have known back then when h.. Read more


Off the Wall Theatre’s Tartuffe brings impressive talents Randall Anderson and David Flores together in a brilliant, old satire. Read more


We take it for granted that the time will shine at us. For most people it’s kind of a rare occasion when they think to check the time and aren’t consulting some backlit digital display. There was a time not too long ago when this was kind .. Read more


Contemporary British author Alan Moore once said: “Orwell was almost exactly wrong in a strange way. He thought the world would end with Big Brother watching us, but it ended with us watching Big Brother.” Next month, Alchemist Theatre and Bad .. Read more


It’s exceedingly difficult to tell an original Christmas story. With Home For Christmas, playwright Liz Shipe does a solidly entertaining job of telling a story familiar enough to seem like a dramatic stage comedy that’s been around Read more


  There are countless challenges and difficulties with bringing one of the most beloved holiday films in history to a live theatre stage. The Sunset Playhouse does an admirable job of this with its production of It’s A Wonderful Life. Adapted f.. Read more


What do the tea party ideologues mean when they speak of liberty and freedom and the Constitution that they supposedly revere? Sometimes they are described as libertarians, but the behavior of their leading candidates betrays an authoritari... Read more

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Off the Wall Theatre director Dale Gutzman adds some stylish touches while exploring the dark end of fairy tales in Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods. The tiny space of the studio theater is split in half. The audience sits on the right, an... Read more


Through Thursday, June 10, over 35 participating restaurants will be offering special three-course menus for $10 at lunch and $20 or $30 at dinner as part of Milwaukee’s annual Downtown Dining Week promotion. Read more

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I’d arrived at the Alchemist Theatre  on Sunday afternoon for what is quickly beginning to look like my first of 7 shows in 8 days. The show running for two performances is Wisconsin Hybrid Theatre’s Sherlock Holmes. Picking-up a beer from the bar.. Read more


When then-Gov. Tommy Thompson launched the Wisconsin Works (W-2)program in 1996, it was supposed to end welfare as we know it bygetting people to work for their benefits, which would lead toindependen,Expresso Read more


The Wisconsin State Fair wraps up its annual run today with a special 6 p.m. concert at th Rolling Stone ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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