Republican Primary

Wisconsin won’t be remembered as such a nice turning point in the battle for the nomination if it leads to a nationally televised bloodbath at the Republican convention in Cleveland. more

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Republicans lament the lack of public enthusiasm for their party's primary election in a month to select... more

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With the Republican primary contest all but over and the focus now on the general election, Mitt Romney... more

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Rumors and whispers of a late presidential bid by Jeb Bush are difficult to consider seriously... more

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So gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann is not seeking the Republican Party’s endorsement in the primary. His reason? He wants the election to be decided by voters, not “party leaders who will be meeting in Milwaukee.” (Walker’s.. more

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Likeall successful entrepreneurs, Wisconsin You’ve been a known quantity on the business scene since the ’70s. What was yo ,Off the Cuff more

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Burkee,a Concordia University history professor who lives in Cedarburg, ismaking the cas What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online at www.ex ,News Features more

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