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Midwest Death Rattle’s vow not to succumb to compromise pays off on their expansive sophomore album, Post-Apocalypso. more

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By the end, RiverSplash was on life support. For two decades, the event had marked the unofficial start of Milwaukee’s festival season the first weekend of each June, but following years of bad weather and even worse press after a 2008 shoo... more

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The gods of ancient Greece haven’t been widely worshipped since the fourth century, but linger on as important archetypes in literature and human psychology. The History Channel series “Clash of the Gods” looks at prominent figures in the Greek .. more

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Milwaukee’s New Loud taps the same period of late-’70s/early-’80s British pop and New Wave as The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and countless other NME-approved, assembly line bands. Unlike tho,Today in Milwaukee more

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