Robbie Coltrane

The 1960s were the last time westerns dominated TV programming. “Cimarron Strip” (1967-1968) was one of the better examples of the genre from that period. It stared iron-faced Stuart Whitman as a U.S. Marshal in a frontier town, holding ... more

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Robbie Coltrane never became a big star except in the most literal sense. But this hulking elephant of a man should at least have become a major character actor up there with Phillip Seymour Hoffman. His role in the British television series “Cra.. more

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  Theeconomic validity of culture-led regeneration has been at the heart of apolemi Furious Improvisation ,Books more

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Forensic psychologist Edward Fitzgerald is padding down the aisle of a Manchester church, giving his daughter’s hand in marriage. The hulking figure is not a happy man on this happy day. In a one-off return episode of the award-winning British TV.. more

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