Roe V. Wade


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It’s amazing how many people who consider themselves deeply religious fail to understand religious freedom and instead want to impose their own religious beliefs on everyone else by law. Read more

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While hot primary contests for governor and senator dominated Wisconsin news this summer, the statewide race for attorney general (between Josh Kaul and Brad Schimel) has been set for a year. Read more

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Federal Appeals Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, no doubt, clinched the Supreme Court nomination when Donald Trump learned he’d written that presidents should be exempt from criminal investigations and indictments while in office. Read more

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Wisconsin voters can begin restoring integrity to one of the most corrupt state courts in the nation by electing Rebecca Dallet on Tuesday, Apr. 3, thus serving notice they’re coming for any Republicans in November who fail to stand up against ... Read more

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If history is any guide, Monday’s Supreme Court ruling striking down two Texas abortion restrictions won’t stop those committed to outlawing abortion. Read more

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So if abortion were total outlawed as some Republican presidential candidates want—with no exceptions for victims of rape, including incest, and the life of the woman—how would that play out? Read more

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The vitriol Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice and candidate Rebecca Bradley spewed as a college student at Marquette University in the early ’90s against LGBTQ and pro-abortion persons, along with her writings and track record since that time... Read more

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Joel McNally discusses and argues against the Fetal Pain Prevention Act, a new piece of legislation crafted by Republican legislators in collaboration with Wisconsin Right to Life. The act would ban the abortions for pregnancies after 20 we... Read more

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On Monday, a federal judge struck down one of Texas’ stringent new restrictions on abortion, saying that it’s unconstitutional to require an abortion provider to have admitting privileges at a Read more

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Bills bubbling up in the state Legislature would grant new legal rights to fertilized eggs that would trump the health and well-being of Wisconsin women and turn Read more

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My wife and I saw Phantom of the Opera last night. We’re not fans. Prior to last night, she’d seen it once before . . . and remembers very little of it. I’ve been hearing about the show for twenty years now. Even hearing about the show on TV ba.. Read more


Sure, Republican pr Please. ,Think You Know John McCain? Read more

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On Jan. 22, America marked the 35th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark deci Roe v. Wade. ,Letters Read more

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