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The seven songs comprising Denver Sessions work as a song cycle starting in dark indifference and eventually reaching for affirmation and hope. Read more

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The legacy roots-rocker didn't shy from recent or political material at his Milwaukee concert. Read more

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Panalure recruited producer Mike Hoffman and some guest luminaries from the Milwaukee music scene for their latest album of multilayered roots-rock. Read more

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Sarah Vos of the Milwaukee/Oshkosh folk ensemble talks about recording their latest album with former Uncle Tupelo and Wilco drummer Ken Coomer. Read more

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Any pressure Sam Llanas might have felt about going solo isn’t reflected on his latest solo album, The Whole Night Thru. Read more

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Jeff Bridges will always be best known as an actor, iconic for his roles in films including The Fischer King, Tron, True Grit and the Coen Brothers’1998 cult comedy The Big Lebowski, where he played the White Russian-sipping Read more

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In music few things are as romanticized as the session album, an album recorded in a burst of inspiration at a distinct place during a distinct time. For every session album, though, there are just as many like The Sleepwalker’s new Lost My... Read more

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The partnership between Milwaukee’s towering guitar wizard, Greg Koch, and its dean of songwriting, John Sieger, seems almost predestined. But the summit was long pondered and slow in coming. “I’d known of his magical Read more

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I've got an interview with Black Francis/Frank Black in this week's issue of the Shepherd, where the outgoing songwriter gladly addresses some of the major elephants in the room surrounding his solo career, namely, "Why doesn't he write songs like.. Read more

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The B-52's will perform LIVE at the Pabston Friday, October 18 at 8 pm. TheShepherd Express is one of the sponsorsfor this performance that will,Sponsored Events Read more

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