On Mabagwe, (“Remembrance” in Yoruba), Los Rumberos de la Bahia perform a mix of older rumba tunes and originals in the vintage style. Read more

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The newest album by Ola Fresca, Elixir, is all about dance music. Jose Conde, the band’s frontman, knows how to blend Cuban music with rumba, timba and Puerto Rican-style salsa, creating an album that is almost reminiscent of a Miami dance ... Read more

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In Trance opens with “Nightwalk,” a roof-shaking roar of heavy blues-rock with Whirling Dervish fiddle, kind of like Cream on tour in Africa, jamming with the locals. JuJu is a superb confluence of British alt rockers and Read more

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Here's another fun (or, depending on your predisposition, depressing) exercise that illustrates the dire state of the music industry: Make a list of the best selling artists of the decade. If your list read anything like mine, it would probably in.. Read more

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Peterson said she had an inkling of the difficulties facing Ugandan grandmothers prior to What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online at www.e ,News Features Read more

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