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The story of filmmaking in the Bay Area is told in a new book, Hollywood in San Francisco. But the author also has other topics in mind. Read more

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The Grateful Dead’s eponymous debut, released half a century ago, was a good first effort from a band that was little known outside its hometown of San Francisco. The Grateful Dead: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition includes that LP plus a se... Read more

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Lakefront Brewerypicked up a Good Food Award for thefourth straight year. This year’s winner is Growing Power Farmhouse Pale Ale, aBelgian-style beer made with organic barley and organic hops. The recipe was developed in coll.. Read more

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Optimist Theatre restages Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a ‘60s San Francisco setting. Read more


The 1960s were a tumultuous time of free love, civil rights and anti-war activism, and for three Milwaukee high school friends, the paths they chose during the summer of 1967 defined them for a lifetime. My Summer on Haight Street by Richar... Read more


Angry Young Men Ltd return early next month with another edition of Full Frontal Püppetry. Staged at the Soulstice Theatre on 3770 South Pennsylvania Avenue in St. Francis, FFP is a fun, little variety show featuring an array of cool puppets incl.. Read more


The Packers' 24-10 playoff romp over Minnesota earned them a trip to San Francisco and a chance for double payback against the 49ers for an opening-day loss, and against the Bay Area for Wisconsin's 20-14 Rose Bowl Read more

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If New York is the City that Never Sleeps and Chicago is the Second City, San Francisco emerges in our collective consciousness as the nation's Weird City. Forever synonymous with the 1960s and the “Summer of Love,” San Francisco... Read more


"We must be willing to pull the plug beforesinking more dollars into weapons that do San Francisco Chronicle ,News Features Read more

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