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For every hundred music blogs that launch to great ambitions only to lie abandoned just months later, there are only a handful of blogs that carve out genuine niches for themselves and discover their own voices. One of the successful ones is Seizu.. more

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Perhaps one of the biggest gauges of renewed interest in the Milwaukee music scene is the sheer number of people writing about it. Just five years ago there were only a handful of publications covering the local scene, and they weren't offering ne.. more

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Though it deals with lofty issues of race, Alice Childress’ debut play, 1955’s Trouble In Mind ,Today in Milwaukee more

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"A Census Taker once tried to test me..." Hannibal Lecter gave us arguably "…I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti." ,The Naked Vine more


Next Act continues its production of one of the few non-holiday-related plays left in the Murderers ,Today in Milwaukee more

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I'm not sure if this is a reflection on the interest surrounding Vampire Weekend, the aggressive promotional campaign behind their new album, the growing distance between Milwaukee's East Side and Bay View neighborhoods, the gentrification of the .. more

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