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The book was better, but in his best moments, director Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) evokes the birth of the Beats as a quest for experience through literature and liquor (and other drugs), in sex and wild flights of jazz, and the ... more

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The steely-eyed gaze. The sudden glint of a hidden blade. The hulking contours of an ominous figure. Immediately you think: psychopath, serial killer. And rightfully so.But think again, for there exists a spectrum of psychopaths out there b... more


Milwaukee "American Idol" contestant Naima Adedapo was eliminated from the program as part of a double-elimination on last night's program. The writing had been on the wall for weeks: The judges seemed to have cooled on Adedapo since picking her t.. more

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There’s nothing like a serial killerto stir a little community excitement. And as l Pretty Woman ,Taking Liberties more

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After seeing Barack speak in Milwaukee the other day, I must say that its tough not to jump on the Obama bandwagon. For the little I do know about the candidates, one thing I have come to find is that the thing that attracts me to Obama is his abi.. more

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Yearsbefore Jeffrey Dahmer, many in Wisconsin wondered if the state hadn’tnurtured Got Murder? ,Books more