Shaker’S Cigar Bar

My life experience with ghosts and the paranormal world is incredibly limited. To say I’m skeptical of the existence of ghosts would be anunderstatement. But when the opportunity to take the “Ghost Tour” and stay a nightin the haunted .. Read more

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Milwaukee has a long tradition of speakeasies and speakeasy-style establishments. Here are a few of the best. Read more

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Photo by John Borowski

“Hangman Radio” Writer-Director Amanda Morden talks about capturing the spirit of classic radio noir. Read more

Off the Cuff

It’s called, We Got Spirits, Yes We Do! The idea is to tell get drunk at a cigar bar and tell ghost stories. It’ll be something that’s recorded and podcasted and things. The idea was evidently one had by local playwright Liz Shipe. What makes .. Read more


The collapse of the economy in 2008 might have reached the far corners of the Earth, but evidently it did not make it to Planet Calypso, the make-believe asteroid containing make-believe real estate in the multiplayer online game “Entropia ... Read more

News of the Weird

In the midst of an era in which health care costs have spiraled out of control, the leading Republican candidates for governor have vowed to cut one of the state’s most popular and necessary programs—BadgerCare. In a debate last week, both ... Read more

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A San Francisco pop-rock ensemble heavily inspired by Coldplay, Thriving Ivory didn’t have much luck finding an audience for their self-titled debut album when they first released it in 2003, but they fared far better when they re-released Read more

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