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Milwaukee’s festival season continues with several big outdoor events as Hip-Hop Week MKE kicks off. Read more

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Their first collaborative album reveals the sister singer-songwriters as artists mature enough to transmute tragedy into a broad array of poignant expression. Read more

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With the Beatles'sitar-augmented "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)," the Westernpop culture first took notice of Indian classical music. But by 1965, the artform had been nourishing souls for centuries with its singular blend ofintensity a.. Read more

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Ironically, Shelby Lynne received a Grammy for “Best New Artist” in 2000, 10 years after she had been writing and recording music for several labels. She spent the ’90s recording mainstream country albums that never quite seemed to Read more

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Shelby Lynne has always done music-and pretty much everything else-her own way, but she kn Just a Little Lovin' ,Concert Reviews Read more

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A duet with George Jones on his 1988 hit “If I Could Bottle This Up” introduce I Am Shelby Lynne ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Monday, Dec. 1,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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Now in its second year, Patrick Schmitz’s Rudolph thePissed-Off Reindeer has sold out the entireremainder of its run at the Alchemist Theatre. The show, which runs for thenext two weekends has quite a fewperformances remaining. There are lat.. Read more


I'll be on Ryan Miller's "Indie Soundcheck" program this Sunday night at 11 to discuss my favorite indie-rock albums of 2009 and to play some of my favorite indie-rock singles of the year. We've got some amazing songs lined up, some of which will .. Read more

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