Like the rest of the good people in the world, the Shepherd Express community extends its condolences to the Milwaukee Sikh community and the 27 million Sikhs throughout the world for the tragic events that occurred at the Oak Creek temple... Read more

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In the wake of yet another well-armed madman killing and maiming innocent Americans, we are again rediscovering... Read more

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The first time I saw presidential candidate Barack Obama in Milwaukee... Read more

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­Last week Milwaukee DJ Maurice "Doc B" Beckley, one of Milwaukee's first hip-hop DJs, was shot in the head outside of a north side bar in what Milwaukee UP's JC Poppe reported was apparently not a direct attack on Beckley. He has been recovering .. Read more

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The play exploresaspects of sexual intimacy in fairly graphic detail. The story involves Red Light Winter ,Theater Read more


There's a faction of bloggers, columnists and radio hosts who seem to relish every instance of violence in Milwaukee, cherishing the opportunity to cite them as proof of the inherent moral bankruptcy of the inner city, the need for concealed carry.. Read more

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I'm cautiously optimistic that yesterday's shooting at the Locust Street Festival won't tarnish the annual Riverwest celebration. Without downplaying the severity of any shooting, yesterday's incident wasn't particularly sensational—the victim and.. Read more

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Without a bailout, newspapers will lay off staff, fewer journalists will report important stories, there will be no Fourth-Estate check on state and corporate power, and the country will suffer. So goes the pro-democracy case,News Features Read more

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Fans hoping to see dead-eyed actor Vincent Gallo’s new band RRIICCEE tonight are out of luck. The experimental group’s 8 p.m. show at Shank Hall tonight has been canceled. Ticket holders can get,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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