An ambitiously messed-up remake of Shrek yields an unexpected "All Star" cover from Milwaukee musicians Kevin Gonring, Grant Duffrin and Fauxny. Read more

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The Greendale Community Theatre valiantly marches into comical fantasy with its summer production of Shrek The Musical. Read more


DivineSavior Holy Angels High School opensits production of Shrek The Musical. What had started out on aSeattle try-out back in 2008 and then moved on to Broadway has gradually openeditself up through a series of tours and various smaller loca.. Read more


Author-cartoonist William Steig had a prolific career prior to publishing a story about a big green ogre going out to see the world. The book that was to launch a franchise came roughly half a century after Steig’s earliest work as an illus... Read more


The story of Shakespeare's Othello has taken many forms over the past 400 years. The Milwaukee Rep tackles the Moor of Venice this month in a decidedly modern production that mixes the ancient text with present-day iconography... Read more


At first, the decision by Wisconsin Democratic Congressman David Obey to retire after 41 years in Washington may have appeared surprising.Obey had already raised more than a million dollars for his re-election campaign. He’d risen to one of... Read more

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