Sneak Peek And Open House

In Tandem Theatre will be hosting a 2015-2016 season preview event this coming Monday, Jun. 29. It’s a free event featuring sneak peeks at snippets from upcoming shows on the season. Perhaps one of the most promising bits on the coming season.. Read more




There’s muchmore than Summerfest going on around Milwaukee – so much more that “AroundMilwaukee: Other Than Summerfest” required a Part II.It’s notdifficult to have good artistic manners. Always wash the brushes you use. Don’ttake cr.. Read more

Around MKE

Several days after Boulevard Theatre has its season preview performance at the South Shore Farmers’ Market, In Tandem Theatre will host its own 2011-2012 preview at the Tenth Street Theatre.In Tandem has five shows being staged over the course .. Read more


In reference to Wisconsin’s proposed high-speed rail, gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker’s current campaign cry is: “Elect me and we will stop the train.” In Mussolini’s fascist Italy of the 1930s, at least he claimed some Read more

Issue of the Week 5 Comments

Some bands simply evolve more than others. Over six years and three albums, The Mighty Short Bus has come barreling out of Madison, touring the Midwest as one of the city’s hardest-working DIY groups while consistently redefining its sound. Read more

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Today’s diverse lineup of garage-pop and indie-rock at Summerfest’s all-local stage, the Cascio Groove Garage, is capped by a wide-ranging trio of bands: sleepcomesdown, at 7:30 p.m., may find a new audience for their effusive, electronic e... Read more

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