Solid Gold

Earlierthis week, Downtown businesses and residents near 730 N. Old World Third Streetreceived a Notice Of Public Interest stating Class B Tavern, PublicEntertainment Premises and Food Dealer licenses were applied for by a potentialnew tenant .. Read more

Happening Now

Has there ever been a supergroup whose lineup was less suggestive of how their music actually sounded than Gayngs, the 25-member-plus collaboration uniting players from the Twin Cities, Eau Claire and Raleigh music scenes? Among the players are Bo.. Read more

On Music

Jagjaguwar Records, already home to two of singer-songwriter Justin Vernon's projects, Bon Iver and Volcano Choir, announced today a release by a new supergroup featuring Vernon: Gayngs. The lineup is spectacular and a little bizarre, featuring me.. Read more

On Music

Playwright Steven Dietz must have known that his 2007 comic drama about 9/11 conspiracies, Yankee Tavern, would stir controversy, but his main intention appears to have been to tell a good, solid thriller about real people caught up in an e... Read more

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