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The first Rocket Paloma EP, Great, found singer Joanna Kerner bemoaning lost love and kvetching about frenemies. On Rocket Paloma’s four songs she’s a cagier, more cryptic observer of the relational goings-on around her, and sounds as if sh... Read more

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In a scene that hinted she may not be very popular with the folks in the show’s editing room, Jennifer Lopez marveled over the view of “the ocean” on last night’s Milwaukee audition episode of “American Idol,” and indeed, the Milwaukee Art Museum’.. Read more

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The opening scene, when Robert Downey Jr. hurls from his bike onto the unyielding asphalt The Soloist ,Film Read more

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Based on a true story, the Soloist stars Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., the movie will premiere in Milwaukee's Jazz Estate on Friday, April 17. The movie is about a Los Angeles Journalist (Robert Downey Jr.), who befriends a schizophreni... Read more