Sonja Thomsen

A city is a living organism. It adapts to its environment (e.g. Milwaukee has just emerged from a long winter hibernation), it consumes in order to regenerate and grow (e.g. tax dollars to maintain and develop infrastructure) and it possess... Read more

Visual Arts

A nexus is either a series of connections linking together many things, or else it is the central and most important of those things. Taken as the title of an artist book by Sonja Thomsen, it could mean both. In her series of Read more

Visual Arts



This year's “Nohl Fellowships Exhibition” has the feeling of capturing particular facets of contemporary culture. The six artists and the collective (American Fantasy Classics) featured in the exhibit draw from undercurrents... Read more

Visual Arts

 Friday night, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’sInova/Kenilworth Gallery overflowed with people of all ages, people excited in Milwaukee art. The crowd rushed in for the opening of the “2011 GreaterMilwaukee Foundation’s Mary L. Nohl Fund Fe.. Read more

Visual Arts

In his 50-year career, Kenny Rogers has recorded 65 albums, moved 120 million records and had dozens of singles, but none were more enduring than Rogers’ “The Gambler,” a song so popular that it was spun off into a movie and TV series, w Read more

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