The Sopranos

Last week, I mentioned the now-released book by GavinSchmitt, The Milwaukee Mafia:Mobsters in the Heartland. The book details the rise of organized crimein the city, particularly in the Third Ward, home to the bulk of Milwaukee’sSicilian pop.. more

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One need not be a fan of the band who practically defined arena rock for a while in order to be at least occasionally entertained by a Journey concert nowadays. The music? Yeah, there's going to b,Concert Reviews more

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For being such a massive cultural phenomenonnot to mention the greatest mafia drama outside of <em>Goodfellas</em>I\'ve always been surprised by how little influence HBO\'s &quot;The Sopranos&quot; had on street rap. I suppose by the time digital .. more

Jun 26, 2012 3:19 PM On Music

Though she first caught the music industry’s attention as a backup singer for Michael Jackson during his 1987 “Bad” tour, Sheryl Crow resisted early offers to record as a dance-pop artist, waiting until 1993 to release her first album more

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