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Despite a well-researched and understood link between community-based investments and crime reduction, the Wisconsin legislature continues to favor tough-on-crime methods even as other states embrace progressive reforms. Read more

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Senate District 6 would be well represented by Rep. LaTonya Johnson, who the Shepherd is endorsing in the Aug. 9 Democratic primary. Read more


We strongly urge Shepherd readers to vote for Mandela Barnes in the Aug. 9 Democratic primary for Senate District 4. Read more


The first few months in office are never easy for a young, energetic, idealistic state legislator who’s a member of the minority party and shut out of the majority party’s decision-making process. But despite a “reality check” or Read more

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The Shepherd Express is endorsing state Rep. Sandy Pasch, a Democrat, for the Eighth Senate District, which encompasses Milwaukee's North Shore suburbs, in the Aug. 9 recall election. Pasch will look out for the best interests of these resi... Read more

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Sheldon Wasserman for State Senate ,Elections Read more

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