Iam fully aware that it was a musical that was originally performed by adults. Ieven saw a big-budget touring production of Oklahoma! that cameto the Marcus Center some time ago. One would think that I could imagine theplay being done by anyon.. Read more


The start of baseball season with every team tied for first place used to be the time when Milwaukee Brewers fans could put everything out of their minds other than their Read more

Taking Liberties

Ryan Braun is not a monster—neither the sort who lurches across the blood-splashed screens of slasher flicks nor some grotesquely pumped-up Incredible Hulk launching Read more

Taking Liberties

Lately, sports fans have been given many reasons to suspect the worst about the games they love. Between athletes who get away with murder, club owners blackmailing cities to build new stadiums and record books tainted by steroids, the lust... Read more


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