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Longtime Milwaukee musician Johnny Washday got the idea to make his own cigar box guitars after reading an article in Guitar Player Magazine. He got a cigar box from a cigar store and started collecting hand tools. Read more

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Housed within the oldest commercial building in Milwaukee, Gallery Grand is a part of the Grand Avenue Club, a community for adults experiencing mental illness. As gallery director Colleen Kassner states, “the GAC members participate in run... Read more

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When you think of displays of art, you might conjure up visions of chic Downtown galleries where paintings can sell for up to $10,000. However, that's not the only place you can find art on display in Milwaukee. There are several restaur... Read more

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Acclaimed Manitowoc photographers John Shimon and Julie Lindemann recently taught cancer survivors to use digital photography as a means to reflect on the changes brought about by their medical journeys. As suggested by the title of their e... Read more

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New advances in technology always affect the content and style of our communications. The printing press allowed for the mass production and distribution of ideas. The telephone, radio and, later, television created new avenues through whic... Read more

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“Conspicuous Consumption” at the UW-Milwaukee Union Art Gallery is part of the university’s “Food for Thought” series, which explores “how food connects us to the environment, our culture and to each other.” The s Read more

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Milwaukee always lacked the size and numbers of Chicago, but when punk rock emerged at the end of the ’70s, our modest metropolis punched above its weight and nurtured more good bands than our neighbor to the south Read more


Reliving memories of punk rock in the days when it was new has been key in igniting such recent events as the Lest We Forget concert, headlined by Die Kreuzen, and The Prosecutors’ reunion show. Steve Nodine Read more

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