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Milwaukee’s Dead is Dead try to avoid overt politics, but their gloomy post-metal can’t help but speak to the times. They play Frank’s Power Plant on Friday, Oct. 21. more

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In Influenced, we talk to Milwaukee musicians about the artists that shaped and inspired them, both as performers and listeners. In this introductory piece, we spoke with Martin Defatte—former mem,Music Feature more

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“There’s a sort of masochistic element, I think, in trying to be in a band,” says Lamb’s Legs guitarist Jeb Ebben, referring to a comment he made at the band’s Sept. 20 Summer of Lamb’s Legs EP release show. At that show he advised the c... more

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Stock Options have been working fast. Within weeks of tracking their self-titled first album last month, the Milwaukee instrumental post-rock trio had mixed the record, posted it to their Bandcamp site and finalized the art for a CD pressin... more

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