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The Rave welcomes three huge rap shows while Milwaukee bands get in the Halloween spirit. Read more

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Despite playing for a sparse audience, Blitzen Trapper threw out plenty of surprises during their rollicking show Tuesday night. Read more

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Beach House locked into the crowd’s energy during an easy-going show Monday night at the Pabst. Read more

Concert Reviews

AlanLomax is associated with “discovering” Muddy Waters and documenting MississippiDelta blues, with field recordings from the American South and far-flungcountries. Who knew that he also roamed Minnesota, Michigan and Wisc.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Jaill’s latest album Brain Cream marks multiples firsts for the Milwaukee garage-pop band. Read more

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Being the best holiday, Halloween often presents discerning concertgoers with some challenging decisions. Read more

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Don’t get Keegan DeWitt wrong. He genuinely loves “Thunder Clatter,” the song that’s brought his band Wild Cub so much attention. Everyone loves it. It’s an ecstatic, tropic cacophony about finding the right person exactly when you need ... Read more

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Some bands switch labels to march up the ladder and expand their reach, while others do so seeking reinvention. For the eclectic Portland country/folk outfit Blitzen Trapper, their longtime record deal with Sub Pop—which released four of th... Read more

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It's no secret that baseball takes a distant backseat to football as America's sport of choice, and that's especially true here in Wisconsin, where the Packers' off-season vacation plans make bigger headlines than the Brewers even during the heigh.. Read more

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The video for Jaill's jangly, deceptively spiteful new non-album single "Pointy Fingers"—their first with their latest latest latest lineup—hit the web yesterday, and with its Lynchian twist, it's a colorful trip through the space-time continuum (.. Read more

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In 2009, the Milwaukee garage-pop band Jaill was plucked from obscurity and signed to Sub Pop Records. That's the narrative, at least—a simplified and romanticized version of the story that downplays the band's role in their signing... Read more

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Sub Pop Records has set a June 12 release date for <em>Traps</em>, Jaill\'s followup to their 2010 label debut <em>That\'s How We Burn</em>. The Milwaukee garage-pop trio tracked the new album last year in singer/guitarist Vinnie Kircher\'s baseme.. Read more

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It is the rare band that can transition from basements and small clubs to a vast space such as the Turner Hall Ballroom, bring in much of their usual crowd and still play an easy-breezy show. Jaill, the much-buzzed-about local psych-pop qua... Read more

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Jaill's summer-friendly Sub Pop debut That's How We Burn doesn't come out until July 27, but for those who can't wait to start grilling to it, it's streaming online now through (it's also embedded below). The album is a spirited, ev.. Read more

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Since 2002, the Milwaukee band Jail has been playing skewed, brainy garage-pop with the agreeable jangle of '60s pop and the nervy twitch of early-'80s post-punk. They've been one of Milwaukee's most consistentand paradoxically least visiblegroups.. Read more

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Collections of Colonies of Bees Erupts Milwaukee’sinstrumental post-rock quart Unmap ,Music Feature Read more

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As part of my resolution to be better about calling out overrated albums, let me offer this succinct consumer warning about the new Tiny Vipers album: Do not buy the new Tiny Vipers album. At least not unless you know what your in for. Tiny Vi.. Read more

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Any plans that stoner-comedy team Cheech & Chong had to reunite at the turn of the cen Up in Smoke ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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