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The proposed destruction of historic Native American burial mounds in Wisconsin may not be as dramatic, but it is just as distressing as the attacks on the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan and the relics of Palmyra. Read more

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Like all such monuments that former presidents construct to edify the public, the George W. Bush Presidential Center—opened with great ceremony in Texas last week—is mounted from its subject's point of view. Read more

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Vietnam was the quicksand France fell into after World War II and America soon followed. Pulitzer Prize-winner Peter Arnett's documentary is a fair-minded overview of the costly, confused struggle that cost hundreds Read more

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For everyone who originally supported the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan to oust the Taliban, the question today... Read more

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Museum work can be dangerous business. Just ask the staff of the Baghdad Museum, looted as Hidden Treasures ,Books Read more

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