Some random ASG thoughts:Did Brewers players get the shaft, or are we just being too sensitive?Sure,we were all pretty pissed during the Home Run Derby when Nelson Cruzbelted his 11 homers with full coverage and then they interviewedAlbert Pujo.. more

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After a number of years in Milwaukee, most recently as Artistic Director of Spiral Theatre Company, Mark Hooker is leaving for the twin cities. Before he does so, he will be starring in his final production in MilwaukeeCharles Busch’s campy comedy.. more


The Axe in the Attic opens with footage shot four months after Hurricane Katrina in a misty, ramshackle district of Louisiana. The camera takes in the scene from above before proceeding at an elegant pace up a rutted road, past trees turned to ki.. more

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Think You Know John McCain? His health care plan would take money from Medicare B Y L I S A K A I S E R Republican presidential nominee John McCain is trying to argue that his,Think You Know John McCain? more

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